Make It Worth Your Time

To be sure meetings are worth interrupting your workday, require every meeting to use Agendas. This will assure that proper preparation was made and that the meeting stays on time. Use large colorful images with no printing cost.

Learn and Learn Again

Prepare each lecture with Agendas so students can follow along and take notes on each topic. The "My Agendas" section will store past class agendas and notes to make studying a breeze. Teachers can offer live polls at anytime to gauge progress.

Be Informed, Stay Informed

If each presenter offers an interactive Agenda, attendees can choose their sessions. The Q&A sessions can be added to the agenda in real time so it's all there for later analysis. The ability to submit questions assures that every voice is heard.

Impress and Grow Business

If you show up to a business as a consultant or trainer and hand out iPads it will be an immediate impression of professionalism. It will keep your trainees interested, and you can offer an interactive quiz at the end for feedback and evaluation.


Here is a short video to show some of the features in Agendas.

For more information on Agendas, see the Features page.

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