Who Are We and Where Did Agendas Come From?


Agendas app for iPad has a new home. It is now in the App Store under new ownership.

Please refer to our FAQ page where we will be adding more information as it becomes available and watch for tweets from @agendasapp.

We are a couple of avid iOS people who want to bring uncluttered, useful apps into your world. Learn more about Agendas' developers at our dev website or check out our blog.

You can find Agendas and Jedaware on Twitter. Feel free to send us any questions, comments or bug reports. If you are using Agendas in a unique way, we hope you'll tell us about that too.

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You can send us an email at contact@agendasapp.com

Why was Agendas Created?

The honest answer is because everyone hates unproductive meetings.

The three worst scenarios are:

  1. A meeting that starts and ends late.
  2. A meeting that is dominated by one or two opinionated attendees.
  3. A meeting that produces no actual results.

Agendas fixes all three of these annoyances. A visual timer will help the presenter to know when to start and when to end. Agendas has the built-in ability to add a question from an attendee and other attendees can vote that question up. The presenter can then add that to the agenda. The polls give the ability to vote and make decisions immediately.

As Seth Godin put it, " I know some of these features…might require preparation before the meeting. Great! Perhaps then the only meetings we have will be meetings worth having, meetings with an intent to produce an outcome."

Brian Stucki, Agendas original publisher, had been wanting to build an app for sharing agendas for a long time. He felt the iPad has a huge future in business and education and this is the first great tool for those markets.

He had been drafting ideas for the app for a couple months. He quickly realized that his developing skills weren't skills at all and approached Black Pixel, a development team from Seattle, WA., knowing they had vast experience building high quality iPad apps. They worked together and made the app a reality.

Brian decided to sell Agendas and wanted to find someone who could take the app forward. Along came Jedaware to step into the role of developer and publisher of Agendas. We intend to keep bringing you a quality app, building on the solid first version originally brought to you by Brian Stucki.