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Our aim is for simplicity with this application, but we understand there will still be some questions. Below are some answers that may help. If you have any other questions, you can find us on twitter or send us an email.


Participants aren't seeing the published agenda, how can I fix this?


It's potentially as simple as the participant iPads not seeing the initial broadcast of the agenda. First, be certain all of the iPads are logged on to the same network.

If the participant iPads aren't seeing the published agenda you may need to take them out of memory and reopen the app for the participants after you have published. This isn't deleting or uninstalling the application, it's just taking it out of the current memory of the iPad by forcing the app to close.

1. From the Home screen, double-click the Home button to display recently used apps.

2. Tap and hold the app until a red minus appears. Tap the red minus to quit the app.

3. Tap on the Home screen, above, to return.

You may need to scroll through the apps that show up at the bottom of your screen if you've had many open recently.

More information regarding removing apps from memory can be found in this Apple help document:

Participants don't see any text in the poll but I see it in my published agenda?

Participants won't see the text for your polls until you click "Open Poll to Attendees". Once you open the poll, Agendas puts the text into the poll on the participant iPads. The publisher of the agenda will see the votes after they "Close Poll & Tally Results". Participants will then see their check mark change to the number of votes tallied for each item.

Is there some security involved?

Yes. When an agenda is shared, all attendees will need to get the 4-digit security pin from the presenter in order to see the agenda.

Can I access past agendas?

Yes, agendas are saved automatically in your "Agendas" section of the app.

Can I take notes on an agenda?

Yes, each Agendas user can take private notes on their iPad. Selecting the pencil icon you can then add notes to any topic on the agenda. The notes will remain there for later review and study and are included when you send your individual agenda as a PDF via email or print via AirPrint.

Are there different apps for the presenter and the attendee?

No, currently one app does both jobs. Whoever creates and shares the agenda will be the "publisher" that has access to Edit mode. The receiving iPads will only have the ability to receive the agenda, participate in polls, ask questions, and take their own personal notes.

Where can I find out what changed or was added in a specific version?

Release notes for versions 1.1.3 forward are available here: Agendas Release Notes

How does licensing work for Agendas?

The licensing is similar to all other apps from the App Store. When you purchase Agendas, you can install it on any iPad that you "own or control".

So, if you are a traveling speaker and want to impress your clients, you can show up with a case full of iPads all loaded with Agendas. You only have to purchase the app the one time and then sync it to all of your iPads.

If you're a professor that would like to use Agendas, you can ask your students to purchase the app for their iPads and you can share your agendas with all of them.

What does the new ownership mean to me as a user of the previous version?

Your version of the application (up to v1.1.2) will continue to work as it has previously. Unfortunately the transition of an application, as Apple manages it between individual developers, doesn't provide a reasonable option for bringing the current users forward to the new version.

For information to help you decide whether you want to purchase the new version and for tips on transitioning please refer to our Transition Tips

How can I contact you if my question isn't answered here?

We'd love to hear from you. You can find us on twitter. Feel free to send us any questions, comments or bug reports. If you are using Agendas in a special way, we hope you'll tell us about that too.

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