It's The Little Things That Count


There is wasted time in every business and school. If a topic is important enough to bring people together, then it's critical that it's worth their time. In Agendas, it's the little things that change the results of a meeting.

If you're a brave manager or trainer, and would like to see if you need Agendas, give this quiz to your employees and allow the answers to be anonymous:

Our Company Meetings
Question: Yes No
Do you think our meetings are effective?
Do our meetings generally leave you better informed?
Do you come away from our meetings with conclusions?
Do you feel like the presenters in our meetings are generally well prepared with their information?
Do you feel that improving our meetings would be time well spent?

How did it go? Now, if you're ready to change the way your meetings work, then here are twelve ways that Agendas can help:

Create and Edit Anytime

Presenters can edit their agenda at anytime, making sure the agenda keeps up with the conversation. To end the meeting, add the assignments to every agenda in the room.

Take a Poll, See Results

Get to know the opinions or knowledge of your attendees. With Agendas, you can take polls during your meeting and share the results immediately.

Plenty To Go Around

Don't worry about not having enough copies of an agenda. As other iPads join the group, they can participate as well.

Everyone is Watching

If a meeting is set for 35 minutes, the blue bar will take 35 minutes to disappear. When a meeting runs long, the pressure is felt.

No Cost Color

Every agenda can have crisp, beautiful images. No need to worry about color copies and ink costs.

Integrity Included

Shared Agendas require a 4 digit shared key, keeping your information safe.

Waste No Time

Require absolute preparation for every meeting. Have each 5 minute extension justified.

Just Add People

When a presenter broadcasts a new agenda, it will be seen on all iPads with Agendas on the network. Those with the security code can join.

A Voice For Everyone

Attendees can add a question at any time. Other attendees can vote it up. The presenter can add it to the agenda.

Personal Notes

You can write your own personal notes on any agenda item. Use them for review before a big test.

Find Your Place

The presenter can tap any item to make it the topic of conversation. If you get distracted, just scroll for the blue sidebar framing the active topic.

Fabulous Fixes

Editable items can be easily updated, just tap and hold. You'll be able to make any changes without stopping the meeting.