Transitioning to 1.1.4 (New) from 1.1.2 (Old)

Transition Tips

We had hoped to have a better path for previous customers of Agendas but the transition process Apple allows between individual developers doesn't provide a very reasonable one, unfortunately. Below you will find current tips for transitioning from the previous version to the new version. If you have any other questions, you can find us on twitter or send us an email.


Will the old version still work or do I HAVE to buy the new one?


The previous version of Agendas will continue to function as it has for you since the last update. Both versions can currently "talk" to each other. That is, they can both publish and see the published agenda from either version. To receive new features and updates however, you will need the new version of Agendas. We intend to maintain as much backward compatibility as possible for as long as possible.

What about all my existing agendas, how do I get them into the new version?

First, DON'T delete the previous version until you decide what you want to do with existing agendas. Treat it as an archive for the moment.

If you have no agendas that you wish to use again or retain in the app you can email the PDF version to yourself to keep them for your records. Then you can certainly delete the older version with the darker blue circle on the icon.

We are working hard on feature updates that may soon resolve import and provide a better path for bringing old agendas into the new app. For the time being, a temporary workaround is available if you have someone with a second iPad with the app installed:

  • You can publish the agenda you want to transfer, log into it and then you each have a copy (live for the publisher, archived for the participant).

  • Duplicate the archived (grayed) agenda it will create a "live" editable version.

  • You can do a back and forth publish process to get your agendas shared to you in the new version and then duplicate them to make them live. The one thing to keep in mind is that currently it will carry the "This agenda was last open..." block over to the duplicated agenda so that remains intact for your reference.

    How can I contact you if my question isn't answered here?

    We'd love to hear from you. You can find us on twitter. Feel free to send us any questions, comments or bug reports. If you are using Agendas in a special way, we hope you'll tell us about that too.

    Send us email

    You can send us an email at